Thank you for considering the FIRSTUNITY Group as your partner in Building Generational Wealth. FIRSTUNITY Group offers consulting services in the areas of Finance, Real Estate Development, Energy, Infrastructure and Project Development.

FIRSTUNITY is building on the strength of our partners.

We are a local company fiercely dedicated to the pursuit of global opportunities that present themselves through strategic partnerships with key decision makers in Governments, Private and Publicly held corporations.  

At FIRSTUNITY we are committed to consistently provide strategies and solutions that build global generational wealth.

Take control of your Destiny or somebody else will.

Jack Welch

With a long term bottom up investment philosophy based on honesty and integrity, at FIRSTUNITY we value an excellent culture of Learn More
The value of good advice is priceless. A FIRSTUNITY Consultant can help you identify financial opportunities andLearn More
FIRSTUNITY works to grow and expand early, mid and late-stage companies. We also work with individuals andLearn More
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